• Shoreland Animal Hospital
  • ...in Toledo, Ohio
  • Dr. Sara Starkey returning phone calls
  • Dr. Sara Starkey working in the lab
  • Lobby/Reception
  • Lobby/Reception
  • Assistant Kristin and Technician Teresa getting ready to draw blood
  • Receptionist Kim - smiling as usual!
  • Technician Alison hard at work
  • Dr. Brown and Dr. Starkey discuss a hospitalized case
  • Dr. Brown and Michael discuss the care of a patient
  • Dr. Starkey doing a dental
  • Dr. Brown using ultrasound
  • Dr. Karkheck in surgery
  • Assistant Kristin
  • Dr. Brown in surgery, TTA procedure
  • Receptionist Diane

Shoreland Staff & Building

Photos of the staff and building for Shoreland Medical Hospital.
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